Writing Coach

CoachingNeed help with your book? Don’t know how to get started?

Larry J. Leech II can help. A much sought-after writing coach, Larry has more than thirty years experience in the publishing field. His diverse background includes writing and editing newspaper and magazines articles, as well as writing and editing fiction and nonfiction books.

A teacher at writer’s conferences nationwide for more than ten years, Larry offers a customizable program that includes:

  • a manuscript review
  • twelve one-hour phone or Skype sessions (with the option to add more)
  • suggestions and ideas on how to fix hooks, plot, motivation, dialogue, setting, point of view, research, conflict, voice, weak verbs, author intrusions, redundancies, passive voice, and misused and overused words
  • a copy of his Magic 25 words to avoid in a manuscript

Whether you’re writing nonfiction or fiction, Larry will come alongside to help you strengthen your manuscript, set weekly writing goals, and encourage you to push through barriers that often hold back a writer.

Requests that come through his website receive a 20-percent discount.

Contact Larry today to discuss how he can help you get started or help you get your book to a publishable level.

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