ghostwritingDo you have a story to tell, but no time to sit and write it? Maybe you’ve started to write your book, but it’s turning into a bigger task than you imagined. Larry can help.

Many people don’t have the time or discipline to write a book. Larry can help.

Many need an experienced partner, someone with the skill to turn your ideas into an exciting, organized, well-written manuscript ready for publication. Larry can help.

Ghostwriting Process

When you have agreed to hire Larry as your ghostwriter, you will send him all materials related to your story, such as rough drafts, notes, research material, transcripts, tape recordings, lecture notes, or other material that will enable him to get an overview of your project. Larry will review the materials, organize it, and develop an outline. The next step is a series of interviews that are necessary for information and to finalize the outline.

When the outline has been approved, Larry will begin ghostwriting the book. You will receive a draft copy of each chapter or section as it is completed. You will provide comments and changes via e-mail and work with Larry to make and approve revisions. Upon completion of this process, Larry will compile the book, hire a freelance editor, and make necessary changes with you before it is sent off to your publisher.

Ghostwriting a book takes between three and six months, depending on the size of the manuscript.

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